The music classes offered at Anna's Musikgarten are designed to nurture your child’s music appreciation and aptitude by engaging the whole family in singing and movement activities.

These activities are fun and facilitate bonding between parent and child. At the same time, they prepare children to understand pitch, beat, and other facets of musical expression.

With its foundation in research about childhood development and music learning, Musikgarten's curriculum offers the highest level of early childhood music and movement education. The curriculum is sequenced to offer age-appropriate material for each stage of development. Musikgarten draws its repertoire from folk songs, providing your child with the cultural and melodic richness found in traditional music. 

Musikgarten provides your family with an opportunity to bond over music-making. In class, you will meet other families with whom you can share the fun of learning music. At home, you can use materials like recordings, special shakers, and carves to replicate the classroom experience together.

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